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60 minute reading : $45 - $85



The tarot is a system of metaphor. In much the same way that we learn a life lesson through story or myth, we can learn about ourselves through the characters, situations, and images in the tarot.

By reflecting on the thoughts, feelings, and sensations these symbols and stories evoke, we tune in to a rich and animate network of meaning — both within ourselves and in relation to the collective.

You can bring any question of any scale to the tarot. Focused questions yield focused answers. My role is to translate the symbolic architecture that emerges through the symbols in the cards.


Though I do see fortune-telling as a valid application of the tarot, my sessions generally engage with the influences of the archetypes in the present. We focus on pulling unconscious material to the surface and work to uncover hidden information in your value systems.

I view the tarot primarily as a tool for self-reflection and practical problem-solving. For this reason, tarot readings can sometimes feel vulnerable. I hold a secure, welcoming, and well-boundaried container for this courageous inner work.

Laetitia Barbier • Sarah Faith Gottesdeiner • Brooke Herr • Maria Minnis • Diana Rose • Corinna Rosella • Kahn & Selesnick • Rupert Sheldrake • Aidan Wachter & more


“They have such a rich ability to weave my insights into a larger thread through the use of the cards.”

- Eve, Tarot Client

My tarot reading with Ash was so insightful! She taught me so much about the process (I am new to tarot) and about myself. She exceeded my expectations.
-Jen, Tarot Client